Hero Awards Stacking Up!

Bloomington Mask Drive cofounders Kelly Clark and Nola Hartman have been busy bees attending local award ceremonies on behalf of the 300+ volunteers that have made Bloomington Mask Drive so very heroic.

First, cofounder Kelly Clark was honored at the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce Hometown Heroes Unmasked awards ceremony.

Then Nola and Kelly were both honored by Kiwanis of South Central Indiana, and received the Shelia Evans Health Hero Award in a drive-through version of the annual It’s All About You! awards.

SCI Kiwanis “It’s All About You” Award Ceremony

Most recently, Kelly and Nola invited longtime Distribution Operations Manager Kell Mirowski (along with spouse Alex Mirowski) and longtime sewing volunteer (and logo / thank you card artist) LuAnne Holladay to attend the Stonebelt Annual Awards ceremony at the Starlite Drive In movie theater. Kelly’s husband Sod also came along, mostly because Nola wouldn’t have attended without her “Work Husband” (just kidding – he has put in a ton of work too and was so happy to come). Together they accepted the Steve Warren Hero Award, and were treated to a fireworks display at the end of the evening.

Kelly, Nola, and Luanne
Nola shows off the new loot!

On top of everything else, Bloomington Mask Drive recently surpassed 35,000 free masks supplied to Bloomington and Monroe County. We will celebrate 7 months on October 20, and are holding a fundraiser on Facebook to support our next big materials purchase. If you or someone you know would like to donate, please visit https://www.facebook.com/donate/679808066251515/193070455668949/ to donate via Facebook, or visit https://bloomingtonmaskdrive.com/donate/ for other donation options, including tax-free donations.

Thank you to all our volunteers and donors for helping Bloomington Mask Drive do so much good for our community. You are all the real heroes.